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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Job angst

Oooh well, this is a bit new for me, being infallible an' all and not known for admitting failure and weakness (laughs bitterly with a manic glint in her eye). Offered the chance of a twelve-step confessional, who could refuse?

OK, so my one is job angst, and I'm misunderstood because people think, genuinely, that I'm clever, good at what I do and generally worth my salary. I know that self-doubt is hardly unique, but in my case I really do question on a daily basis why I'm sitting at this desk, working in this lab. I really am quite rubbish at what I do, and it's shocking (but handy, in a financial sense) that no-one else seems to notice. Which brings me onto another shameful home-truth: I uterly lack ambition, don't know what else I'd rather be doing, and never had a Career Plan, shock horror.

Hands up who thought I was a sucessful career chemist? Ha, gotcha.
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