Paving the road to hell, one good intention at a time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stealing Wallets

I know what you're thinking with a title like that - how can stealing a wallet be well intentioned? If you'll keep an open mind I'll try and explain.

It started many years ago, when a certain person of my acquaintance kept leaving his wallet lying around in public spaces. And this was no ordinary wallet my friend, this was a wallet that was habitually stuffed full of cash and cards.

Being a kind hearted, responsible sort, I would regularly end up picking it up, hiding it somewhere safe and then letting him know.

See, I was "doing a good thing" TM.

Somewhere down the line the last bit of that started getting missed off, but again for the best of reasons - he needed to learn. A few false panics about a missing wallet, should teach him to take better care, shouldn't it?

Ok, so I hadn't reckoned on him having the flattest learning curve in Britain, but what's a girl to do?

Well obviously the answer is up the ante and start stealing more wallets and swapping cards over and so forth...obviously...

You've got to get the message home somehow.

But it all stems from trying to look out for a friend, so you see I'm not evil really...I'm just misunderstood.


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