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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the only possible answer

a couple of years ago i was on a stage hosting a debate on sex ... this was in a cathedral where hundreds of young people had been locked in all night with bands playing and debates happening etc

now the group i do this kind of thing with are quite fiesty ... we do tend not to care what people think of us ... if you don't care then they can't get to you

in the introduction i used the following explaination;
i am likely to swear, i do it all the time and i will probably do it tonight
but here's the deal ... i won't tell your parents what you get up to tonight
and you don't go home and tell your mum that i was swearing
at which point a pious 15 year old boy in the audience shouted out
'i think it's terrible you are a christian and you swear'

now i'm sorry but any right minded person with any inclination for the witty retort would have felt what i did ... the urge rising like bile to snap back 'oh fuck off'
but i didn't ... i swallowed that urge stared hard and went for 'interesting opinion' and moved onto the next item ... every one of my team knew what i wanted to say

one of the reasons i am misunderstood is that people think i am not capable of censoring myself and i am ... this story proves it

so the next time i have just destroyed you with a line that fizzled with the speed of delivery and left you speechless with wonderment at the descrutive ability of my tongue ... consider this ... that may well have been a censored response ... imagine the power of the original


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