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Friday, September 15, 2006

The One Hit Wonder

In my defence I didn’t mean for it to happen, it wasn’t like we set out to do it even, it was a...... well lets call it a miscalculation. I’ll start at the beginning we were at that well know Christian festival; you know the one, where many people are misunderstood at different times. Any way back to the story, it was getting late and we were tired so myself, L and N went for a break and to listen to Nizlopi. Now the set was ok but did have the feel of a one hit wonder band (oh I’ve done again, sorry to all the Nizlopi fans who now stumble across this blog).

So as we all know any half decent one hit wonder band always perform their one hit wonder last, its kind of the unwritten rule. So when N volunteers to go for fish and chips naturally L and myself note the time realize we are only half way through the gig and given that the JCB Song was some time off gratefully agree. Well ok if were going to be honest after much whining we convince N that they would do the song last and reluctantly he goes saving our legs from and an unnecessary walk.

So just stop for one moment and realise how distraught we were when lo and behold they perform the JCB song at about the same time N reached the end of the fish and chip queue and thus out of seeing and hearing range.

So now we get to the main reason we were misunderstood. Only a cruel, callous and cold hearted person would in fact have told N what happened. For it would have broken his little musical heart. So out of an act of friendship and love L and myself deviate a little from the truth, it goes something like this:

N arrives back with three portions of fish and chips. We thank him and explain how Nizlopi do not want to be branded a one hit wonder and consequently will not be performing The JCB Song. N looks at us in disbelief but continues to eat his food. Only when Nizlopi leave the stage does he turn to us and say “oh I see you were telling the truth”.

Now I know that would have been the perfect opportunity to own up but you see, imagine how he would have felt. To think people call me mean and inconsiderate, how misunderstood am I.


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