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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A message received (though other avenues) from a viewer informs me that the settings meant that only blog team members could leave comments.

The correspondent (let's call him 'Concerned of Norfolk'), suggests this might be so that it restricted things to only "misunderstood people commenting on other misunderstood people."

He went on to write that: "I didn't fully agee with one of the entries - but maybe that's simply because I misunderstood the person at the time."

Well let me clear this up, the settings were as they were not because we wanted to restrict things to some sort of clique or even to avoid challenges such as that he alludes to. Nor is it a cunning attempt to increase applications to join the team (though thinking about it that would have been quite cunning).

Frankly it's a complete mistake and the first I knew about it was when CoN raised the issue. I suspect I did (and I fear it was me) something stupid like use my scroll wheel when still 'clicked' in a box on the settings page. Anyway, whatever, the upshot is that I've corrected things - so come one, come all, let's have your comments. All we ask is that you're registered with blogger (this is free) and that you pass the "are you really a human being" word verification thingy.

So just to be clear, the Blog Admins are not a) comment control freaks or b) clever enough to come up with a cunning ruse to boost team numbers.

The truth is we're just a bit crap when it comes to computers.

So easily misunderstood...


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